Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Firestarter #1

Thank God it's Friday! We all love the weekend, but I think we can all admit it's also the part of the week we can slack off the most. We've been bustin' our cute little butts all week, so don't we deserve a break? Maybe, but will that break be worth it when it slows down or even reverses our progress towards a more healthy lifestyle? 

Friday may just be the day of the week we need motivation to keep up the hard work the most. Each Friday, I'll be posting a new motivational image I've discovered on Pinterest or other sites to help give us all a boost. Don't give up now!

This particular image really speaks to me as I have thought numerous times that I'm almost halfway through my 20s and I'm still heavy. Aren't our 20s supposed to be the years we are in the best shape of our lives? Isn't this the time of a woman's life where she should feel young and sexy? These thoughts have often discouraged me into feeling like there was just no point in me getting fit now when that part of my life is almost over anyway. This pic helps me remember that it truly is never too late to be what I should have been. With some hard work and responsible, healthy eating I can still have those sexy 20s!

Happy Friday everyone and keep it up!

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